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Anas crecca
Order: Anseriformes

Family: Anatidae

Genus:  Anas

Species: A. crecca
Note the speckled underside of this Male Teal. The grey body indicates Winter plumage, Summer plumage would be much browner. The brown and green head is unlike any other UK duck.

The Teal is the smallest common surface feeding duck. The Male has a brown head with a broad green band running up the neck and through the eye. Both Male and Female Teal have a Green wing spectrum.

Adult Male
Winter visitor
Resident bird
Passage Migrant
Summer visitor
Teal distribution
Teal are well known for being 'flighty' and will often fly long before other wildfowl will move. The Teals flight is very fast and direct but they also twist and turn sharply and can be mistaken for waders, especially given their small size.
General distribution:
Breeds mainly in the North and East of Europe. Around 2000 pair nest in the UK, most of these birds are resident. In Winter numbers are vastly increased by birds from Northern Europe with 210,000 arriving and spending their winter, mostly in the South of the UK.
The Teal breeds on freshwater pools and wet moors including some on high ground. During the Winter the Teal can be found around estuaries and freshwater muddy pools.
The female Teal is best identified by it's small size and green spectrum. Although mostly brown the top of the head appears much darker, often giving a 'capped' effect.
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*Very small duck

Adult Female
Identifying a Female Teal
Identifying a Male Teal

Grey bill

* key ID points
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Female Teal flying

Streaked brown body with grey legs

Darker on top of head

Male and Female Teal.
Wildfowl (Ducks)
Male Teal flying

*White central wing bar

*White central wing bar

*Very small duck

*Green spectrum

*Green spectrum

Identifying a Teal
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* key ID points

Thin white line along flank

Grey body, more brown in summer

*Green band on brown head

Identifying a Female Teal
Thanks to:Bryan's bird photography
Note the darker forehead of this Female Teal and the green speculum.