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The Redwing has a dark brown back, white underside which is speckled with dark spots, a pale eye stripe and a flash of rust red on the flanks. It often forms large flocks in winter feeding on open fields or berry trees in hedgerows.


Turdus iliacus
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Breeds in Northern Europe and winters in Southern Europe. A winter visitor to all of the UK where it is considered a red species due to decline.
In winter the bird ranges over farmland and parks feeding in open fields or in hedgerows where berries can be found. In harsh weather it will visit garden bird tables and is particularly fond of apples.
The Redwing visits the UK in large numbers especially in hard cold weather, it is most often seen in small flocks, sometimes alongside Fieldfare and other thrushes.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Turdidae

Genus:  Turdus

Species: T. iliacus
Redwing feeding on berries.
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Redwing identification
Redwing flying
Pale eye stripe
Rust red flanks
Smaller than Song or Mistle Thrush
Plain dark brown back
White speckled with long dark spots
Rust red underwing
Note the striking eye stripe on this bird, also note the rust-red on flank. The spots on the Redwing are long and smudged unlike the other thrushes which have cleaner rounder spots.
Adult Redwing