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Adult Male (Spring)

The male Black Redstart in spring is mostly black and dark grey with a white wing panel, dark rust red tail and a grey cap. In winter the male has a more light grey appearance.

Black Redstart

Phoenicurus ochruros
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Breeds in most of southern and central Europe.  A rare breeder in the South of the UK with only around 30 pair nesting. Frequently visits the UK as a passage migrant in autumn and winter with an average of 400 recorded sightings per year.
Unlike the Redstart the Black Redstart is a bird of cliffs, houses, villages and ruins as it nests in crevices and holes in walls.
The Black Redstart was once a bird only found in mountainous areas, however it has adapted to industrial buildings and houses and has become one of the more common urban birds on the continent. However in the UK it remains a rare bird, only occasionally breeding and more often appearing as a passage migrant.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Turdidae

Genus:  Phoenicurus

Species: P. ochruros
Male and female Black Redstart
The female Black Redstart has a mousy grey appearance, she still has a distinctive red tail. She is much greyer than a female Redstart which appears browner with a paler breast and they generally occupy a different habitat.
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Black Redstart identification
Black Redstart flying
Female Black Redstart identification
Female Black Redstart flying
Sooty grey upperparts
Dark rust-red tail
Dark grey cap
Black breast and face
White wing panel
Adult Female
Male Black Redstart winter plumage
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Male Black Redstart spring plumage
Note the white wing panels and the lighter grey on the birds crown. The rust-red tail and the black face and breast can be seen clearly in this image.
Female Black Redstart
Adult Male (Winter)
In winter the male bird looses his black breast and face and becomes mostly grey. The rust-red tail is still a distinctive feature.
Brown-grey underside
Greyish upperparts
Dark rust-red tail
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